“But today, we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty and obey only love.”

Kahlil Gibran

In writing Everyday Soul Dances and in practicing the suggested ways to become more soulful, I realized that small shifts in our attention can change our state of mind and our state of being for the better. The possibilities are endless and always wonderful. All we have to do is shift our focus from our more usual states of mind into one in which we soften, notice and pay deeper attention to an object, a sound, the breath, or another way of movement that brings us into alignment with our more soulful natures. Then we practice remembering to continue to make such shifts throughout our days, as often as we are able.

For the next several days, let’s focus on some part of the natural world that attracts our attention.

In my world today, I take in all the brilliant colors around me. It seems that I am imbibing many of the colors of the rainbow.

I Am all these colors – the golden sun enlivens me. Ham Sa.

The gray clouds represent the challenges I face today. Solutions seem hidden but I know that time, energy and focus will reveal all that needs to be revealed. Ham Sa.

White clouds soften me. I inhale purity and softness. Ham Sa.

The lone winter red rose reminds me of my resiliency during challenging times. This rose and I thrive even amid winter days and wintery ways. Ham Sa. Blue sky opens me to my spaciousness. Ham Sa.

Golden green shoots of tulips show their faces in winter. They remind me to be careful, not grow too soon or too quickly. There is a harmonious timing in nature and in my life. Ham Sa.

And green grass appears after the snows. New growth, new possibilities, new ways. Ham Sa.

My eyes widen in wonder. This world is beautiful, stunning and brilliant. Ham Sa. And I am a part of all that is. Ham Sa.

Here is the practice of aligning ourselves with the beauty, wonder, sometimes fierceness of the natural world.

Look for and find something of beauty in nature.

Breathe in the beauty and pay attention for at least 15″. – the longer, the deeper the experience

Become one with it, allowing the beauty to become a part of you at a deep level.

Practice the mantra Ham Sa over and over as you observe.

What are the qualities of this experience? Name them. I AM THAT. Ham Sa.

Breathe in each quality deep into your heart. I AM THAT. Ham Sa.

Breathe in light from the heavens along with these qualities. I Am this light. Ham Sa.

Now how will you manifest these qualities as you live your daily life?

How will you share them with others?

What will you do to remember to revisit this practice?

Let’s make this a daily practice for the next week or so. I will write updates to this practice. Please write your experiences in your journal. If you would like to share your experiences with me, please write to me at everydaysouldances@gmail.com.

Thank you for paying such golden attention to your days.